[ti:Want to Know a Secret? Maybe You'll 'Get Wind of It'] [by:www.houshang36.top] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:07.76]Now, Words and Their Stories, from VOA Learning English. [00:19.16]Wind is a powerful force in nature. [00:24.28]High wind speeds from tornadoes, hurricanes [00:28.44]and other violent storms can cause great destruction. [00:36.16]But wind can also be a force for good. [00:41.04]It can turn machinery that produces energy. [00:45.96]It can help boats sail great distances. [00:50.20]In the wild, wind can provide life-saving information to some animals. [00:56.68]And it doesn’t need to be a strong wind. [01:01.72]For example, a scent or smell carried by a light breeze [01:07.24]can tell a deer about the presence of a hunter just a few meters away. [01:15.00]The wind can provide useful information to people, too! [01:20.72]When we “get wind of something,” [01:23.36]we hear some news or information that has been kept private. [01:29.32]Naturally, this air of secrecy makes it even more interesting. [01:35.56]When using this expression, remember this: [01:38.76]When we get wind of something, we become aware of the information [01:43.80]through indirect means. [01:46.52]In other words, we learn of it second-hand [01:50.28]or through the grapevine. [01:53.00]We do not hear it straight from the source. [01:57.68]The wind might give others information that we want to keep quiet. [02:04.00]For example, the leaders of the company were worried [02:07.72]about investors getting wind of the factory fire. [02:12.48]If the investors knew, they would probably [02:15.84]withdraw their money and invest elsewhere. [02:20.52]Here is another example: [02:22.96]The filmmakers did not want the media [02:26.44]to get wind of the actor’s latest arrest. [02:30.84]After all, she is playing a police officer in the movie. [02:37.44]At times, the information or news sent by the wind [02:42.36]is bad, just gossip or talk, and not really helpful at all. [02:48.88]For example, if someone asks me, [02:51.56]“Did you hear that so-and-so lost his job?” [02:54.76]I can answer, “Yeah, I got wind of that yesterday.” [02:59.80]But sometimes the news or information is not bad. [03:04.48]It is just something you want to keep secret. [03:08.48]Like the time I tried to plan a surprise party for my best friend. [03:13.44]I did not want him to get wind of it. [03:16.76]That would ruin the surprise. [03:19.08]But it is so difficult keeping anything from him. [03:24.32]He is nosy and asks a lot of questions, [03:28.72]such as: “Why are you calling all my friends?” [03:32.12]Why are you buying so much food and drinks?” [03:35.40]“Are you planning a party for me?” [03:37.88]So much for that surprise party. [03:42.16]Now this expression is not always [03:45.16]about learning private information or keeping secrets. [03:49.76]The wind can send us information [03:52.64]that we need to make good decisions. [03:56.76]For example, I was just about to buy tickets [04:00.44]to a big three-day, outdoor music event. [04:04.32]But then I got wind that my favorite performer [04:08.68](and the only reason I was going) had cancelled. [04:13.52]Thank goodness a friend of a friend of a friend told me [04:17.84]or I would not have known! [04:23.60]That is all the time we have for Words and Their Stories. [04:28.16]I will have a new story for you next week. [04:31.48]But if I get wind of a change in plans, [04:35.00]I’ll make sure to let you know! [04:37.72]Until next time, I’m Anna Matteo. [04:40.68]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM www9778con