[ti:US Withdraws from Paris Agreement Aiming to Limit Climate Change] [by:www.houshang36.top] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]The United States officially withdrew from the Paris Agreement [00:05.48]to fight climate change on Wednesday. [00:08.44]Leaders from around the world approved the agreement [00:12.80]in 2015 at a conference in the French capital. [00:18.88]For more than two years, American President Donald Trump [00:23.40]talked about withdrawing from the treaty. [00:27.08]Last year, the Trump administration announced the U.S. decision to withdraw. [00:33.96]However, the results of the presidential election could decide for how long. [00:41.28]Trump's main opponent in the vote, former Vice President Joe Biden, [00:46.60]has promised to rejoin the climate agreement if he is elected. [00:51.92]More than 180 countries remain committed to the 2015 Paris accord. [00:59.20]The agreement aims to limit the increase in average temperatures worldwide [01:04.08]to "well below" 2 degrees Celsius, [01:07.80]and ideally no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. [01:13.80]Those increases are compared to temperature levels [01:17.12]before Europe's Industrial Revolution. [01:20.72]Scientists say that any temperature increase greater than 2 degrees Celsius [01:26.60]could have a disastrous effect on large parts of the world. [01:30.40]Such an increase, they say, could raise sea levels, [01:35.16]fuel powerful storms and worsen droughts and floods. [01:41.60]The Paris accord requires countries to set their own targets [01:45.88]for cutting production of carbon dioxide [01:49.36]and other gases linked to rising temperatures. [01:53.76]The only legal requirement is that national governments [01:57.52]must truthfully report on their efforts. [02:01.68]The United States is the world's second biggest [02:04.52]producer of heat-trapping gases, after China. [02:08.64]In recent weeks, China, Japan and South Korea [02:13.08]have joined the European Union (EU) and other countries [02:16.72]in setting national targets to stop [02:19.36]pumping more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. [02:24.12]Biden, the Democratic Party's candidate for president, [02:27.68]has said he supports calls for the United States to return to the Paris accord. [02:34.40]On Wednesday, Germany's government said it was "highly regrettable" [02:38.84]that the United States had left the accord. [02:41.92]"It's all the more important that Europe, [02:44.84]the EU and Germany lead by example," [02:48.28]government spokesman Paul Seibert said. [02:51.80]While the Trump administration has rejected [02:54.96]federal measures to cut greenhouse gases, [02:57.80]Seibert noted that U.S. states, cities [03:01.52]and businesses have pushed ahead with their own efforts. [03:05.64]I'm Ashley Thompson. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM www9778con