[ti:The Cruise Industry Accepts 2020 is Over, Looks to 2021] [by:www.houshang36.top] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]The vacation cruise industry has accepted [00:04.60]it cannot restart operations this year. [00:10.04]Major cruise lines Carnival and Norwegian [00:14.40]recently extended a halt on cruises [00:18.44]through the end of the year. [00:20.48]Then, the cruise industry representative group said Tuesday [00:27.16]that its members have agreed they would not sail for the rest of 2020. [00:34.72]The announcement comes just days after the U.S. government [00:39.64]effectively lifted its no-sail order, [00:43.52]even though there is a worldwide increase in coronavirus infections. [00:50.56]Cruise Lines International Association represents 95 percent of cruise lines, [00:58.12]including Princess, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean. [01:02.72]It said its members have voluntarily decided [01:07.32]to shut down cruise operations in the U.S. [01:11.72]through the end of the year. [01:14.52]Members "will use the remainder of the year to prepare [01:19.28]for...extensive measures to address COVID-19 safety" [01:25.24]with the guidance of public health experts [01:29.08]and the U.S. Centers for Disease [01:31.92]Control and Prevention (CDC), the association said. [01:36.56]On Friday, federal health officials announced new rules [01:41.96]permiting large cruise ships to start sailing again in U.S. waters, [01:48.60]but not immediately. [01:51.00]The CDC will require that ship owners must test all passengers [01:57.04]and crew at the start and end of each cruise. [02:01.44]Only seven-day cruises will be permitted. [02:05.96]In March, the CDC ordered cruise ships to stop sailing to the U.S. [02:12.44]after several outbreaks showed officials [02:15.84]that the ships were spreading COVID-19 infection. [02:20.96]The announcement last week brings the no-sail order to an end. [02:27.48]The cruise industry closed for business [02:31.12]in the middle of March because of the virus. [02:35.40]The cruise industry estimates the economy lost [02:39.24]$25 billion in economic activity and about 164 American jobs. [02:48.48]The CDC's new rules say that, in order to start carrying passengers, [02:54.92]the companies must show they can test and quarantine [02:58.96]anyone who gets the virus. [03:01.12]Among other requirements, they will have [03:04.28]to build testing laboratories on all ships [03:08.24]and make their own plans to isolate [03:10.96]or quarantine passengers at ports, if needed. [03:15.88]I'm Susan Shand. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM www9778con