[ti:Nepal Reopens to Foreign Mountain Climbers] [by:www.houshang36.top] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Nepal says it is reopening to foreign visitors [00:05.20]seeking to climb and trek the country's famous mountains. [00:12.40]The country has been closed to foreign visitors [00:16.52]for the past seven months because of the coronavirus crisis. [00:24.32]Nepal's tourism industry has suffered as a result of the restriction. [00:32.48]The industry employs an estimated 800,000 people. [00:39.36]Nepal is home to eight of the 14 highest mountains in the world [00:45.60]-- including the tallest, Mount Everest. [00:51.04]Rudra Singh Tamang is director general of Nepal's Department of Tourism. [00:59.04]He told The Associated Press that only mountaineers and trekkers [01:05.08]who have received a permit to take part in such activities [01:10.04]would be let into the country. [01:12.56]"We are opening to a sector of visitors [01:16.72]who we know we can handle and manage." [01:21.76]The visitors will no longer be able to get a visa upon arrival to Nepal. [01:29.84]They will be required to provide details of their trip [01:34.68]before they arrive and receive government approval. [01:40.60]The visitors must employ local equipment companies [01:45.28]and prove that they have health insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment. [01:54.36]Visitors will also be required to take a coronavirus test [02:00.48]before leaving their home country. [02:05.04]They must also stay for a week in quarantine at a hotel in Nepal. [02:13.28]Visitors must then pass another coronavirus test [02:18.08]before they are permitted to go up the mountains. [02:23.36]Local workers supporting mountaineering teams [02:27.60]will also be required to take coronavirus tests [02:32.36]and prove they have been living in areas [02:36.16]with no infections for the past two weeks. [02:41.44]"We are trying to revive the tourism industry [02:45.72]that was badly hit by the pandemic, [02:48.80]but we are not taking any chances or any risks," Tamang said. [02:56.80]The spring season is when foreign mountain climbers [03:00.96]come to Nepal to attempt to reach the highest peaks. [03:07.28]The autumn season is a popular time for foreign visitors [03:12.16]coming to trek mountain trails. [03:16.16]This year's spring mountaineering season [03:19.36]was canceled in March because of the pandemic. [03:25.16]Nepal has reported 176,500 coronavirus infections and 984 deaths. [03:38.60]The nation is running short on hospital beds. [03:43.68]The government has asked patients [03:46.44]with less than life-threatening cases to stay at home in quarantine. [03:53.96]The pandemic hit as Nepal was preparing [03:57.96]to double the number of tourist arrivals. [04:02.88]A government campaign had declared 2020 as the "Visit Nepal" year. [04:11.52]People in the mountains have been hardest hit. [04:15.00]Workers normally depend on the busy spring and fall seasons [04:20.92]to make enough money to last them all year. [04:26.04]Earlier this fall season, a team of mountaineers from Bahrain [04:31.80]was given special permission to climb Mount Lobuche and Mount Manaslu. [04:39.60]The climbs were permitted as a test of the new visitor rules. [04:46.92]Tamang said the country's mountaineering community [04:50.96]welcomed Nepal's decision to reopen to some visitors. [04:57.24]"We need to give a small ray of hope [05:00.68]to the people in the adventure tourism industry [05:04.60]that there is still a future somewhere to look forward to," Tamang said. [05:12.28]Ang Tshering Sherpa heads local mountaineering company [05:17.24]Asian Trekking in Kathmandu. [05:21.24]He told The Associated Press, "We in the adventure tourism industry [05:27.24]are very excited that the country is finally open." [05:32.92]He added that his company had already begun receiving calls [05:38.48]from foreign visitors who would like to come to Nepal. [05:43.52]He said there is great interest in the spring [05:46.92]2021 climbing season, especially for Mount Everest. [05:53.48]I'm Bryan Lynn. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM www9778con