[ti:Job and Career] [by:www.houshang36.top] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:01.88]Today we answer a question from Soheila in Iran. [00:07.32]She writes: [00:09.00]What's the difference between job, [00:11.92]occupation, career and profession? – Soheila, Iran [00:16.40]Dear Soheila, [00:18.48]Thank you for asking this question. [00:21.92]The four words you named have small differences. [00:26.16]I will start with "job," the simplest of the words. [00:30.96]A "job" is work people do, usually for money. [00:35.08]It can mean work a person does for a single employer. [00:40.56]That work might last for years [00:43.44]or a much shorter period, as in this example. [00:48.36]The shortest job I have ever had lasted three weeks. [00:53.20]We may also use the word "job" [00:55.48]to talk about unpaid work, as in housework: [01:00.28]Mother said, "Cleaning your room is your most important job today." [01:05.52]The word "occupation" is more general, [01:08.24]and means the kind of work a person does. [01:11.80]For example, [01:13.36]I left my previous occupation to be a professional artist. [01:19.44]We also use "occupation" to talk about things people enjoy [01:23.28]spending a lot of time doing, as in this example: [01:28.56]Hai's favorite occupation is playing tennis. [01:32.60]But note that this use of the word has become less common over time. [01:38.36]A "career" is what people do over a longer period of time. [01:43.52]We use the word "career" to talk about a series of jobs [01:47.60]over a person's lifetime. [01:50.68]Some people plan a career while others simply try for better jobs. [01:57.00]You can also use "career" to talk about what someone does in school, [02:01.32]the military or performing arts. [02:05.36]General George Patton had many victories in his military career. [02:11.00]A "career" depends on your goals [02:13.28]and the path you want to take through your working life. [02:17.84]It does not always require that you have special training. [02:21.92]However, a "profession" is a kind of occupation [02:26.16]that requires special training, knowledge or skills. [02:32.04]For some occupations, you must successfully complete a study program [02:37.16]at a college or university. [02:40.40]Or you must pass a test and practice in your field of expertise [02:45.48]for some time before you can become a professional. [02:50.08]Here are two examples: [02:52.44]Magazines can be about any profession like medicine, law, [02:57.44]engineering, teaching and so on. [03:01.52]I have spent years learning my profession and I will not quit easily. [03:07.76]Finally, let us compare all four words in Soheila's question: [03:13.96]A job is work you do, sometimes for pay. [03:17.68]An occupation is something you spend your time on. [03:23.00]A career is the path you follow through your working life. [03:28.36]A profession is a career that requires special knowledge or skills. [03:34.84]I hope this helps to answer the question. [03:37.56]And that's Ask a Teacher. [03:40.40]What question do you have about American English? [03:43.76]Send us an email at learningenglish@voanews.com [03:49.84]I'm Jill Robbins. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM www9778con