[ti:Guatemala Mayan Villagers Tell of Escape from Deadly Landslide] [by:www.houshang36.top] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Matilde Ical Chen was cooking over a wood fire [00:05.88]when the landslide hit the Guatemalan Mayan town of Queja last week. [00:14.44]Her mother, sister and grandparents were killed in the disaster. [00:20.40]She, her husband and their six small children ran to escape the danger, [00:27.28]falling into a ravine along their path, she told Reuters. [00:33.92]Now, she and hundreds of other survivors are sheltered at a school in Chicuz, [00:41.04]a village about three hours from their home. [00:45.52]"My mother was buried, along with my sisters, their husbands, [00:51.80]the whole family, even the grandparents," Ical Chen said. [00:58.16]In all, about 30 family members did not escape, she said, [01:03.56]trapped below as much as15 meters of wet soil and rock. [01:10.40]"We have food here, but I can't eat for the worry," she said, as she cried. [01:18.24]Heavy rains killed many people and left a path of destruction [01:24.12]from Panama to Mexico last week. [01:28.20]Guatemala may have experienced the worst of it. [01:33.00]There, poor Mayan villages are spread along mountainsides [01:38.88]especially vulnerable to landslides. [01:43.68]Rescuers say they may never know how many people [01:47.84]were buried in the slide in Queja, about 200 km from Guatemala City. [01:55.32]Government estimates suggest about 150 people were killed. [02:01.92]Some survivors returned to their homes Sunday, [02:05.92]ignoring the danger of the loose ground. [02:09.12]They are looking for other survivors and their belongings. [02:14.68]Days of heavy rains finally ended. [02:18.24]Helicopters moved in and out of the area, bringing food and water. [02:24.72]Rescue workers recovered several bodies, [02:28.40]even as they were threatened by new landslides. [02:32.56]At least two people were killed when a small plane carrying [02:37.40]humanitarian aid for the disaster area crashed in Guatemala City. [02:43.96]Rolando Cal was among those [02:46.92]who made the dangerous walk back to Queja. [02:50.36]He has been searching for 23 family members. [02:55.08]"This is where my whole family and my home were destroyed," Cal said. [03:01.80]He pointed to a mass of dirt and wreckage where his house once stood. [03:07.84]He is staying in a shelter in nearby Santa Elena. [03:13.00]"I no longer have a place to live," said Cal, who walked into Queja on Sunday [03:19.88]"Without food, without money. I'm miserable," he added. [03:24.92]A retired general, Franciso Mus, organized a helicopter of supplies. [03:32.44]When it arrived in Chicuz, many of the 450 survivors [03:37.80]ran to meet it, hoping for news of family members. [03:41.96]There was none. [03:44.28]Many of the survivors were saved by their neighbors in Chicuz. [03:49.16]They risked their own lives as they used heavy ropes [03:53.40]to pull people out of the slide, said village official Raul Gualin. [04:00.20]Ical Chen has only the clothes she is wearing. [04:04.40]She is thankful that the village is helping her. [04:08.00]She believes she, her husband and children [04:11.64]will never return to Queja. [04:14.24]It would be too painful. [04:16.60]"We will...not go back there," she said. [04:19.60]"I lost my whole family." [04:22.36]I'm Susan Shand. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM www9778con