[ti:Ethiopian Forces Battle Tigrayans as Refugees Head to Sudan] [by:www.houshang36.top] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Ethiopian government troops were reported to have captured an airport [00:05.88]in northern Ethiopia from Tigrayan forces on Tuesday. [00:12.20]State media said federal forces had captured the airport, [00:17.32]near the border with Sudan and Eritrea, [00:21.52]as well as a road leading from the town of Humera. [00:26.84]Reuters news agency says information from the area was difficult [00:32.36]to confirm because all communications are cut. [00:37.28]The Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) [00:40.72]governs Ethiopia's Tigray Region, [00:44.16]which is home to 5 million people. [00:47.44]The TPLF did not comment on the reports. [00:52.12]Last week, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed [00:57.48]ordered airstrikes and sent troops into Tigray. [01:02.24]He had earlier accused the TPLF [01:05.72]of attacking a federal military base. [01:09.64]Tigrayans say Abiy's government oppresses and discriminates against them. [01:15.80]The African Union (AU) has called for peace talks and an end to the fighting. [01:22.76]The Ethiopian government said talks were only possible [01:27.24]if Tigrayan leaders were arrested and all weapons held by the Tirgayans destroyed. [01:34.44]It also has called for the release of federal officials detained in the area. [01:40.24]About 2,500 Ethiopians have fled the fighting into neighboring Sudan. [01:47.72]The number of refugees is expected to increase, a Sudanese official noted. [01:55.24]"The number is increasing," said Alsir Khaled. [01:59.64]He is a refugee commission official in the Sudanese state of Kassala. [02:06.32]"These people need shelter and medical treatment and food [02:10.16]and there is a great shortage." [02:12.68]The 44-year-old Abiy is Africa's youngest leader. [02:17.48]He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for democratic reforms [02:23.72]and for making peace with Eritrea, Ethiopia's longtime enemy. [02:30.40]But the military operation against Tigray has worried diplomats. [02:36.44]Some fear the country could fall into civil war [02:40.24]given the deep hatred between the Tigrayans and the prime minister. [02:45.12]A war could further damage the economy, [02:49.00]which has already been badly hurt by the coronavirus crisis. [02:54.56]Abiy is a former soldier who once fought alongside Tigrayans against Eritrea. [03:02.24]He became prime minister in 2018. [03:05.92]Abiy has opened the country's formerly oppressive government and political system. [03:12.12]But that has led to a large increase in ethnic problems. [03:17.16]Hundreds of Ethiopians have fled their homes [03:20.48]for fear of ethnic violence over the past two years. [03:25.24]In a possible escalation, Tigray leader Debretsion Gebremichael [03:31.52]said the Eritrean government sent troops across the border. [03:36.20]The Eritrean forces were said to have attacked [03:39.92]Tigrayan soldiers in support of Ethiopian federal troops. [03:46.08]But he gave no proof and Eritrea's Foreign Minister Osman Saleh Mohammed denied it. [03:53.60]"We are not part of the conflict," he told Reuters. [03:57.24]Eritrea and Ethiopia signed a peace deal two years ago. [04:03.20]The Eritrean government remains hostile to the Tigrayan leadership [04:08.92]for its part in a bloody 1998-2000 war. [04:15.56]Reuters reported that aid workers and security sources have spoken about airstrikes [04:22.40]on arms storage centers and other targets as well as heavy ground fighting. [04:29.80]Abiy believes he can defeat the Tigrayan leadership militarily, diplomats told Reuters. [04:37.52]TPLF forces number up to 250,000 men and is heavily armed, experts say. [04:48.56]The TPLF has called the prime minister "merciless" because of the airstrikes. [04:56.32]I'm Susan Shand. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM www9778con