[ti:Chef Marcus Samuelsson Celebrates Black Food] [by:www.houshang36.top] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]If anyone asks chef Marcus Samuelsson [00:05.44]what African food tastes like, he has the answer: [00:11.28]Have you ever had barbeque? Rice? Coffee? [00:16.08]"All of that food comes from Africa, has its roots in Africa," [00:23.00]says the Ethiopian Swedish writer and restaurateur. [00:27.88]"Everyone has had African American dishes, [00:31.56]whether they know it or not." [00:34.44]Samuelsson is chef at the famous Red Rooster restaurant [00:41.28]in New York City's Harlem. [00:43.76]He is hoping to educate Americans [00:47.24]and help Black chefs in a new book. [00:51.56]It is called The Rise: Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food. [01:00.20]The book has 150 recipes [01:04.04]and includes the life stories of 26 Black chefs, writers and activists. [01:14.20]The recipes celebrate Africa and the influence of migration and integration. [01:21.92]It also examines where modern Black chefs [01:26.52]are going next with their food. [01:29.88]"When I look at American food and I look at the Black experience, [01:35.92]we've done so much, but almost got erased," said Samuelsson. [01:42.64]"There's never been a better time to tell those stories," he added. [01:49.00]His new book is a mix of stories and food, from fish to tea. [01:55.60]It includes essays by Osayi Endolyn of California, [02:02.72]who writes about food, identity and culture. [02:06.84]It also includes recipe development by Yewande Komolafe, [02:13.20]one of Brooklyn, New York's most celebrated chefs. [02:18.36]Readers will learn how Los Angeles-based chef Nyesha Arrington's cooking [02:24.84]is tied to her family history from Mississippi and South Korea. [02:31.08]They will learn it takes just 45 minutes [02:35.24]to make Eric Gestel's chicken liver mousse. [02:39.44]He perfected the dish after years of cooking [02:43.44]at New York's French restaurant Le Bernardin. [02:49.08]And they will learn how award-winning New York chef [02:52.92]Mashama Bailey is remaking traditional Southern dishes. [02:58.92]Samuelsson compares the food in the book to popular music. [03:05.04]He looks at New Orleans and hears jazz [03:08.60]from the influence of France, Haiti, Africa and Spain. [03:14.24]Black food is no different. [03:17.08]"Our pasts are so unique and it's so important to tell," says Samuelsson. [03:24.84]He notes that many cookbooks celebrate European and Asian foods, [03:30.28]but few describe Black dishes. [03:33.80]Americans know more about cheese products from Italy [03:38.24]than the cheese of Ethiopia. [03:41.76]"This is America's past. So, for me, as much as we learn about Japan, [03:48.04]as much as we learn about Italy and Spain and so on, [03:52.84]wouldn't it be great to learn about our own food? [03:56.80]This is America's food," he says. [04:00.12]I'm Susan Shand. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM www9778con