[ti:Biden Works on COVID-19, Trump Dismisses Election Results] [by:www.houshang36.top] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]American President-elect Joe Biden is moving quickly [00:05.36]to set up his future administration and discuss policy issues. [00:12.48]The move comes as President Donald Trump [00:15.96]continues to dismiss the election results, [00:19.64]taking legal actions and demanding recounts. [00:24.44]Speaking Monday from Wilmington, Delaware, [00:28.36]Biden said, "This election is over. [00:32.20]It's time to put aside the partisanship and the rhetoric." [00:37.72]He also spoke about the COVID-19 health crisis. [00:42.88]"It doesn't matter your party, your point of view," he said. [00:47.36]"We can save tens of thousands of lives [00:50.92]if everyone would just wear a mask for the next few months. [00:56.20]Not Democratic or Republican lives — American lives." [01:02.32]Biden said, "the goal is to get back to normal as fast as possible." [01:09.32]He cheered the results announced of Pfizer's vaccine trial as "great news." [01:16.40]But he warned that it would be many more months [01:20.00]before the vaccine is widely available. [01:24.56]Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris [01:28.76]have been meeting with 13 scientists and public health experts [01:34.20]expected to lead the next administration's COVID-19 effort. [01:40.80]The group includes former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, [01:46.28]former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner David Kessler [01:51.60]and Yale University public health care expert Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith. [01:59.44]Besides fighting COVID-19, Biden and Harris said [02:04.12]the goals of the new administration include economic recovery, [02:09.28]racial equality and new climate change policies. [02:15.08]During the campaign, Biden repeatedly said [02:18.96]he will return the United States to the Paris climate agreement [02:23.92]and support the World Health Organization. [02:28.16]He also promised to revisit the Iranian nuclear agreement [02:32.88]and rebuild relations with NATO allies. [02:37.20]Biden also plans to change current immigration policies, [02:42.92]raise taxes on the wealthy and expand health care. [02:48.76]With 270 Electoral College votes needed to win, [02:53.92]Biden now has 279 and he continues to lead [03:00.24]vote counts in Arizona and Georgia. [03:04.60]Biden has received more than 75 million votes overall [03:10.00]and Trump, 71 million. [03:14.16]The Trump campaign has dismissed the election results so far, [03:18.80]saying, "This election is far from over." [03:23.12]It said it would begin to argue in court Monday [03:27.12]"to ensure election laws are fully upheld [03:31.28]and the rightful winner is seated." [03:35.52]Courts in several states already have rejected [03:39.44]a number of the campaign's legal actions. [03:43.80]President Trump is facing increasing pressure to concede the election. [03:50.80]On Sunday, George W. Bush, the only living Republican former president [03:57.00]called Biden and Harris to congratulate them on their victory. [04:03.32]Bush said in a statement, "The President-elect reiterated [04:08.48]that while he ran as a Democrat, he will govern for all Americans. [04:14.32]I offered him the same thing I offered Presidents Trump and Obama: [04:20.84]my prayers for his success, and my pledge to help in any way I can." [04:28.44]The General Services Administration is the agency responsible [04:33.36]for helping with the process of putting a new administration in place. [04:39.56]As of Monday, it had not started the process [04:43.36]nor received any guidance on when to do so. [04:48.36]Trump continued to question the election results [04:51.92]and the voting process on the social media site Twitter. [04:56.92]On Monday, the president also announced [05:00.44]he had dismissed the Secretary of Defense from office. [05:06.36]He wrote on Twitter, "Mark Esper has been terminated. [05:11.56]I would like to thank him for his service." [05:15.76]The U.S. Constitution and federal law [05:19.04]have established a process to seat a president-elect. [05:23.92]American states will meet on December 8 to choose electors [05:29.48]who will vote for the winner of the presidential election. [05:34.12]On December 14, the electors will meet to vote [05:38.80]in a process known as the Electoral College. [05:43.60]The entire U.S. Congress will meet on January 6, 2021 [05:50.24]to officially count the Electoral College votes. [05:54.84]The president-elect will be sworn in on January 20 at noon. [06:02.76]I'm Caty Weaver. [06:04.36]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM www9778con