[ti:Attack on Afghan University Leaves at Least 22 Dead] [by:www.houshang36.top] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Islamic State militants attacked Kabul University on Monday [00:05.40]as it held a book fair attended by the Iranian ambassador. [00:12.12]The attack led to an hours-long gun battle at the largest school in Afghanistan. [00:19.68]When the fighting stopped, at least 22 people were dead, [00:24.32]and 22 others wounded. [00:27.08]Most of those who died were students. [00:31.32]The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack. [00:35.84]That information comes from the SITE Intelligence Group, [00:40.08]which studies online messaging from groups suspected of terrorist acts. [00:46.44]During the attack, students and teachers were seen fleeing the area [00:51.72]around Kabul University's law and journalism schools. [00:56.16]Afghan special forces surrounded the grounds of the school, [01:00.76]leading teachers and students to safety. [01:04.84]Things quieted as the sun set over the Afghan capital. [01:09.28]An Interior Ministry spokesman said three attackers [01:13.32]were involved in the raid, and that all three were killed. [01:18.16]The Islamic State, or IS, said it targeted newly graduated [01:23.84]"judges and investigators belonging to the apostate Afghan government." [01:30.88]An IS statement claimed only two of its fighters were involved, [01:35.20]which conflicted with the Afghan spokesman's report of three attackers. [01:40.44]The group did not say they planned to target the Iranian official or the book fair. [01:47.84]It was the second attack on an educational institution in Kabul in two weeks. [01:54.84]On October 24, IS claimed responsibility [01:59.16]for attacking a learning center in Dasht-e-Barchi, [02:03.08]a mostly Shiite neighborhood of Kabul. [02:06.56]At least 24 students were killed in that attack. [02:11.08]Over 100 others were wounded. [02:14.52]Five hours into the fighting on Monday, [02:17.48]explosions and automatic weapons could be heard [02:21.36]down the empty streets surrounding the university's fenced grounds. [02:26.00]Afghan troops stood guard. [02:28.76]Ahmad Samim, a university student, [02:32.52]told reporters he saw militants armed with pistols [02:36.32]and Kalashnikov assault weapons firing at the school. [02:40.96]Afghan media reported that a book fair was being held at the university. [02:46.60]Several high-level officials were attending the event [02:50.32]at the time of the shooting. [02:52.24]None of them were reportedly hurt. [02:56.20]Afghan officials refused to comment on the book fair. [03:00.28]But Iran's semiofficial ISNA news agency reported Sunday [03:06.04]that Iranian Ambassador Bahador Aminian [03:10.36]and cultural representative Mojtaba Noroozi were to open the event. [03:16.68]More than 40 Iranian publishers were to take part. [03:21.08]Iranian state television reported that the attack took place, [03:25.44]but did not offer information on the Iranian officials. [03:29.60]Iranian diplomats have been targeted in Afghanistan in the past. [03:35.16]The incidents dangerously increased tensions between the two countries. [03:40.52]In 1998, Iran held the Taliban responsible [03:45.32]for the deaths of nine Iranian diplomats [03:48.44]working in its consulate in northern Afghanistan. [03:52.28]Iran sent military reinforcements [03:55.48]to its 950-kilometer-long border with Afghanistan. [04:00.92]The IS-allied group in Afghanistan has declared war [04:04.84]on the country's minority Shiite Muslims [04:07.76]and claimed responsibility for many attacks since 2014. [04:14.00]An attack earlier this year on a Kabul maternity hospital [04:18.36]— also in the Dasht-e-Barchi neighborhood [04:21.08]— was blamed on the Islamic State group. [04:23.92]In that attack, militants killed 25 people, [04:27.84]many of them newborn babies and mothers. [04:32.28]Schools have also been targeted in past attacks. [04:35.96]Last year, a bombing just outside of Kabul University killed eight people. [04:41.20]In 2016, gunmen attacked the American University in Kabul, killing 13. [04:48.36]I'm Ashley Thompson. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM www9778con